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Dish Rag is a bi-annual print magazine that uses cultural fermentation as a lens through which to analyze a new theme each issue. Imagine the magazine as an actual dish rag, saturated with the many different substances of experience. What we are wringing out is that which would otherwise neglected by the sub-conscious mind.

On one end of the spectrum we have nihilism, and on the other end, realism. Phenomenalistic idealism seeks to fuse these positions both by acknowledging the existence of the physical world, and by recognizing that the domain and affairs of that world are not explicitly included in the basic definition of reality. Cultural fermentation can be seen similarly as an act of epistemic compromise—an agitation in the way that we normally understand our experiences with the goal of creating new communal understanding. This magazine, therefore, advances a principled ambition: its aim, in an alchemical style, is to create something new and unfamiliar, and sometimes even unpredictable.



Editor-in-Chief: Jessica Merliss
Editorial Director: Daniel Spielberger
Managing Editor: Connor White
Art Editor: Semantha Norris
Designer and Art Director: May Parsey


Published by High Steaks Media

Learn more at: www.highsteaksmedia.com