Residual Energy

Growing up in rural New England, I spent a good deal of time observing a landscape that was carved out by the impacts of harsh weather and human presence, or in other words, the passing of time. Relics of what once existed are on display, revealing a tension that is tangled between the landscape and its current inhabitants. The residual energy of the past remains a constant throughout the area. Once defined by its working class presence, the culture has become fractured, leaving the possibility for something new to occur in its place. It becomes clear that there is an unmistakable value to a landscape that has succumbed to life’s inevitable cycles.

Detailing these small moments of significance breathes life into the environment. By illuminating the world in such a way, I am able to prove that something seemingly commonplace is often what makes for a subject worthy of an examination. The potential for transformation that convinces me to photograph already exists within the landscape. Extracting this sense of magic from the everyday realm dignifies places that otherwise may fall victim to erasure.

Alexa is a photographer based in the Boston, MA area. She has recently earned a BFA from the photography program at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Instagram: @alexacushing

PhotographyAlexa Cushing