Issue 0: Caves

Issue 0: Caves


Some topics covered in this issue include: cheese cave etymology, birds nest soup and the urban rehoming of swiftlets, the history of Renaissance gardens and grottos, the end of an era at a club known as “the rave cave,” guano as stimulant and its place in the world of pseudoscientific medications, and the astrological symbolism of the cave.

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What We Do in the Shadows: Subterranean Imaginaries and Sanctioned Spaces for the Illicit in the Grottoes of Italian Renaissance Gardens by Travis Brock Kennedy

NO PHOTOS: A Eulogy for the Rave Cave by Becca Van K

Bronson Caves by Brice Bischoff

Convincing Swiftlets to Bone Where We Want: Urban Caves and the Pursuit of Edible Birds' Nests by Hailey Clement

Bridling the Natural: A Short Genealogy of the Cheese "Cave" by Jessica Merliss

Windows by Nicolas Baird

Mining Ancient Knowledge for Modern Medicine by Samuel Anderson

Get Paid by Michael Luxemburg

Cro-Magnon Malibu by Daniel Spielberger

Show Caves by Austin Irving 

Cave Castle by Nastya Valentine

Kuppa Pitti: White Man in a Hole by Matthias Van Dromme

The Dark Recesses of the Fourth House by Wade Caves

Garylorb by Michael Koehler

Comics by Brian Blomerth and Tony Fabro & Frank Gidlewski

Photography and Illustrations by May Parsey, Cassie Tucker, Charlie Hawks, Jacqueline Li and Roarke Lacey